Azienda Agricola Castellinuzza e Piuca

The Castelinuzza village a Greve in Chianti – Agricultural Company

The Castelinuzza village, with soil supported by terraces

After decades of sharecropping, in 1962, at a time when everyone left the countryside, my father and uncle bought the farm where they had always worked. In 1985 the company is divided between the 5 brothers and since then I’ve taken it forward alongside my family.

We produce our products with the same passion and authenticity of the past and that is why our wine changes year by year depending on the sun and the rain. The farm crops grow in good part of the typical terraces of the Chianti area, which make for a beautiful landscape but also for difficult cultivations.

For some years now, the company also has had a small stable with cattle and a horse. The company of about 10 hectares, produces about 90 of classic DOCG Chianti wine, 40 of Tuscan IGT wine, and 5 of oil, as well as a small production of iris. Greve, in Chianti, is about 20km away from the South Florence highway exit (A1) and halfway between Florence and Siena.

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